We go beyond parts and accessories

Filter Technology is a full-service company offering a complete range of customer support. Our engineers take time to understand their customers’ needs, formulate a plan, and solve every problem with a goal to provide effective solutions at maximum cost efficiencies.


Filtration system issues can severely impact the safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness of your operation. Filter Technology provides a full evaluation of your system, including a comprehensive inspection of your equipment to identify weaknesses, followed by recommended upgrades to correct issues and improve efficiency.

The Filter Tech system evaluation includes:

  • Fan size evaluation for flow and static pressure
  • Ductwork evaluation
  • Wear-and-tear evaluation
  • Equipment assessment (includes a check for excess equipment)
  • Pressure drop analysis (filters and full-system)


Filter Technology provides all ongoing parts and maintenance support for as long as your filter is in service. We also supply filter bags and parts for builds completed by other manufacturers. 

Contact us for fast turn around and competitive prices on any standard replacement parts.


Filter Technology will design your complete system, from initial specifications through final installation. Our engineers will help you:

  • Ensure proper equipment compatibilities
  • Match ductwork to fan and filter specs, avoiding future problems
  • Meet EPA standards
  • Obtain permits and successfully present your project to the board of review


Please fill in the fields and include a brief explanation of circumstances if necessary. We will get back to you with an answer as quickly as we can.