Double Module Baghouse Dust Collector

A Two-in-One Custom Solution

Custom engineered from start to finish, this system was planned and fabricated to fit the customer’s specific size constraints, while taking on two units in one: one Model 150-1.5m unit and one Model 36-1.5m.

Partitioned inner walls allow for differentiation of the dirty air, all run on one pulse valve system. Each header was linked to utilize the most efficiency out of the compressed air. The inner wall separating the two systems allowed Filter Tech engineers to utilize the same structural frame for both units, saving the customer cost and overall space for installation.

Each system has its own dedicated fan, but the compressed air header was tied together so the air could be utilized as efficiently and effectively as possible. However, it’s possible to turn off the air to one system while continuing to operate the other.

The Filter Technology team coordinated installation as well as commissioning of this Baghouse to complete success. With the help of our staff, this unit was erected and operational within one weeks’ time.

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Project Highlights

  • 24,000 ACFM Model 150-1.5 Top Removal Lift Off Door Baghouse
  • 7,000 ACFM Model 36-1.5 Top Removal Lift Off Door Baghouse
  • Turnkey project including ductwork and installation
Custom 34” ductwork with fan inlet box
Model 36-1.5 TRLOD with single hopper and Model 150-1.5 TRLOD with double hopper

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