High-Temp Boiler Baghouse and Cyclone

Efficient and Effective Fly Ash Management

For this job, temps up to 500 degrees F out of the boiler and 300 degrees F in the Baghouse required a high-temp application. Primary dust collection was achieved with the cyclone, removing large particles out of the airstream while also eliminating most of the moisture. The Baghouse was then able to take the small particulate out while discharging little moisture. Both dust collectors were insulated to keep the air from hitting dewpoint.

Project Highlights

The Filter Tech team engineered and fabricated several custom components to complete this job, including:

  • 5,000 ACFM 24” High Efficiency Insulated Cyclone
  • 4,000 ACFM Model 100-8 Insulated Top Removal Lift Off Door (TRLOD) Baghouse
  • Custom 20” Insulated Ductwork
Model 100-10 Insulated TRLOD
24” Insulated Cyclone

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