Baghouse Dust Collectors

Unmatched Versatility and Reliability

A variety of styles and models to suit any application

Baghouses are the most common filtration system in most applications, and for good reason: they offer high efficiency and a wide range of customization that works for several applications and industries.

Filter Technology specializes in Baghouse design and fabrication, offering many different models of Baghouses including Top Removal Lift Off Door (TRLOD), Top Removal Walk-in (TRWI) and Bottom Removal Walk-in (BRWI). Each style of Baghouse is utilized depending on the design constraints of each application. We offer cartridge filters and snap-band filter bags depending on the application data and consider which option will best suit the facility.

Especially effective in harsher applications or those with larger dust particles, Baghouse Dust Collectors can be custom-manufactured to fit your exact needs and specifications. Filter Technology engineers can recommend the ideal model and configuration.

At Filter Technology LTD, we stand behind our systems with a one-year warranty on all our Baghouse filters.

Filter Tech Baghouse Dust Collectors go above and beyond the competition:

  • Filter 99.98% of particulate down to 1 micron
  • Utilizes a blower or compressed air system, cleaning the filter and extending its life
  • Sock or cartridge-style filters are available
  • Optional explosion venting
  • Custom-designed to your unique needs

Our engineers can also provide guidance for vital maintenance procedures like filter changes and proper differential pressure readings to ensure efficiency and long life of your system. Contact us to see if a Baghouse Dust Collector is the right solution for your application.

Model 49-10 BRWI Baghouse

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