A partial list of Filter Technology’s valued customers include the following:

Basalite: Cement block manufacturer with locations in Oregon, Washington, Nevada, California and Canada
LaFarge: Cement plants with locations in Canada and U.S.
GE Environmental: Eight mobile units
BHP Mining: Arizona copper mine
Mississippi Silicon: Mississippi
Freeport McMoran Mining: Arizona
Potters Industries: Mfg. Glass highway reflectors, Canada, Texas, Ohio, Oregon, Arizona, North Carolina, New York, Iowa, Missouri
Conoco Philips: Northern California
Jost Chemical: St. Louis MO

Some of the installations we’ve completed include the following:


  1. Experimental process in an ethanol plant
    • Frontline Bio Energy, operating at 700° F @ 70 PSI
    • Benson Minnesota location
    • They required this to be a pressure vessel, requiring the job to meet ASME code.
    • The unit is pre-heated in an external chamber and insulated 4-inches thick below the tube sheet and 6-inches thick above the tube sheet.
  2. Joint venture in China
    • Sichuan Lomon Titanium Industry
    • We provided the spool piece with tube sheet, valves, solenoid, timer and filter media. We include drawings for the body (housing and hopper) structurals so they can build that portion themselves.
    • For Tio2 process, Mainzhu, Sichuan China
  3. Three plants in Brazil for Rima
    • Engineering services for 225,000 CFM silicone furnaces, six total
    • Ceramic multiclone spin vanes from U.S.
  4. Boiler installations
    • Mt. Wattchuttes Community College, Gardener, MA
      • Wood fired, 6-module unit 30-8
      • Model 180-8 TR LOD
    • Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center, Greenville NH
      • Wood fired
      • 4-module unit 42-10
      • Model 168 TR LOD
    • Seaman Paper, Masachussets
      • Waste wood
      • 4-module unit 132-10
      • Model 528-10 TR WI
    • Global Energy Systems
      • Chicago, Illinois
      • 6 systems
      • Wood fired, sugar cane fired, waste fuel
  5. Food processors
    • Minnesota Corn, Nebraska
      • Cartridge model 70-2M-BR
      • Bag model 56-8
      • Two 55-10 TR LOD
    • Nysoya Foods, Massachusetts
      • Tofu dryer
      • 485-10 TR LOD
  6. Qatar Project: GE Power Plant Division
    • 53,000 CFM intake (6-units)
    • Filters for air conditioning
    • Units were shipped in panels to fit in containers and assembled on plant site. The design was changed to accommodate customer space requirements.
  7. Scrubbers for copper mine
    • BHP
    • 3 Venturi scrubbers / separator horizontal and 1 venturi scrubber constructed to appear “similar” to an old Ducon unit.
    • Due to shortage of water, these may be replaced with dry filters.
  8. Other scrubber installations
    • Packed Towers for Staufer Chemical, Portland OR
    • Riechold Chemical, Tennessee
    • Chisso Engineering, Japan for 2 projects in Indonesia