Scrubbers – Venturi

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HE venturi scrubbers have the capability to remove very small dust, fumes or mist using high velocity gas to atomized a recycled liquid solution.

Velocities in the venturi throat can be as high as 400′ per second. This results in an extremely fine mist formed, creating contact with very small particles. A fan is required to overcome the pressure differential. We combine extensive test data and years of experience to minimize the amount of energy needed for each application.

The gas and liquid mixture out of the venturi enter a cyclone separator where the spinning action forces the liquid out of the gas and captures the liquid containing the solids.

Because the velocity of the gas is critical, different designs are available to manually or automatically adjust the area of the throat to compensate for changes in gas rates. Filter Technology can provide several different alternative designs, any of which can be custom built for specific applications.