Process & Dust Filters

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Filter Technology is known for engineering filtration solutions for the most demanding applications around the world. Our process and dust filters are currently in service for categories including the wood products industry, food processing, cement, medical, mining and many others. Standard sizes range from 1,000 CFM to 250,000 CFM in temperature ranges from ambient to 700°F. Units feature a rugged welded housing with structurals sized for 100 MPH wind load and seismic 4 or as required.

We design configurations to meet your specific use and on-site requirements, whether it’s for dust collection, product recovery or air pollution control. We are cost competitive anywhere in the world because we have major components fabricated near the installation site to avoid excessive shipping expenses. All fabricated components meet our rigorous standards and quality control procedures.


  1. Unit is welded and factory assembled in the largest piece construction practical for freight handling and minimum field assembly.
  2. 10gauge tubesheet, 12 gauge HRS plenum, housing and hopper. Stiffeners for 20 WG standard.
  3. Header pre-piped 6″ square manifold mounted and shipped in place.
  4. Automatic moisture purge pulses each cycle to keep the header free of standing condensation.
  5. Solenoid pilot valves are mounted in die cast NEMA 4 aluminum enclosure.
  6. Solid state timer mounted in a NEMA 12 enclosure.
  7. 0-15 Magnehelic gauge is provided to measure the pressure drop across the filter media.
  8. Structurals sized for 100 MPH wind load for the seismic zone specified.
  9. Filter Media: designated for specific application.
  10. Temperature range from ambient to 700°F.
  11. Insulation above 200° F is standard
  12. Square Units designed for ± 20 WG up to 30″. Round Units designed for 10 – 15 PSI or 15″ HG.

Some of the companies for whom we’ve supplied filtration solutions include:

A cement company with locations in ND, MT, MN, Canada and The Philippines: Thirty 1,000 to 5,000 CFM silo and transfer point filters.

Georgia Pacific
Long Beach California location: We remodeled two old filter systems for two gypsum kettles @ 400° F and 10,000 CFM.

Canby, Oregon location: two systems at Firedoor Plant @ 25,000 CFM and 30,000 CFM.

Willamette Graystone
A brick and block manufacturer with locations in Eugene, Troutdale, Salem and Bend, Oregon: 1,000 – 6,000 CFM filters for silos, transfer points and cut-off saws.

Scott Equipment Co.
An OEM manufacturer of dryers located in New Praugue, Minnesota: Forty filters for a wide variety of applications ranging from 3,000 to 35,000 CFM at 200° F to 350° F.

3M Company
St. Paul, Minnesota location: We supplied their R&D facility with six filters for proprietary applications as well as a vapor filter for R&D.

Freeport McMoran
A copper mining operation in Arizona: more than 15 units ranging from 7,000 CFM to 45,000 CFM.

BHP Mining
Located in Arizona: Four large scrubbers installed to meet an upgrade on current permits.