Large Process & Dust Filters

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Large manufacturing or processing jobs call for large filtration solutions, capable of providing clean air and dust control in the most extreme conditions. Filter Technology designs filtration systems to meet any requirement, regardless of its size or purpose. Our systems are in place, solving dust control problems from high altitude locations such as Callahousa, Chile at 12,000 feet to the Qatar desert. And we are one of only a handful of companies who are experienced at working with high temperature applications up to 1,600° F.



  • Custom designs for proper can velocity, seismic zone, inlet configurations or drop-out chambers.
  • Screw conveyor on air slide unloads with airlocks, double dump valves or pinch valves.
  • Blower packages with airlocks or Eductors.
  • Structurals up to 14 ft. clear for truck drive-through.
  • Alternate inlet with drop boxes
  • Insulation with skin 16 or 18 gauge for minimum damage.
  • Alternate materials of construction available.
  • Heat tracing under insulation for hopper or whole unit is available.
  • Multiclone pre-separators to reduce loading by as much as 80% to the final filter

Some of the companies for whom we’ve built large units include:

Freeport McMoran
Arizona location: two units @ 60,000 CFM for dedusting crushers.

Cerro Colorado Mining
Chile, South America: eleven units @ 15,000 to 45,000 CFM for crushers and screening, operating at 12,000′ elevation.

Great River Energy
Located in North Dakota: Eight units on coal dryers, 130,000 CFM each, shipped in panel construction.

Georgia Industrial Minerals
Sandersville, Georgia: two 35,000 CFM Kaolin Clay Dryer @ 240° F.

Potters Industries
Nine locations in the U.S. and Canada: 20,000 CFM heat exchanger bag house for a glass furnace. Temperature enters heat exchanger @ 1,000° F and exits at 325° F.

Nysoya Foods
Ayer, Massachusetts: 35,000 CFM @ 220° F for a soy meal dryer.

G.E. Environmental
Located in Qatar: Six custom designed units, 53,000 CFM each. Intake filters for an air conditioning unit at a large power plant.