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Filter Technology supplies custom built scrubber systems and all related products for air pollution control.

From small units on a rush schedule to large custom fabricated systems, you receive competitive pricing with the highest reliability and meet EPA regulations.

All scrubbers are available in virtually any material of construction that will overcome corrosion problems found in severe environments. All Filter Technology scrubbers are guaranteed to perform as required by state agencies and designed with the goal to give minimum of maintenance/downtime.

Typical products offered include:

  • Packed Towers and components
  • HE Venturi Scrubbers with fixed and variable throat
  • Fiberbed Mist Eliminator systems
  • Dry Flue Gas/Hybrid systems
  • Components including chevrons, chemical feed systems and internals

In addition to this list, Filter Technology provides custom solutions to special problems. If you have a NOx problem we offer a number of specialized technologies specifically designed to deal with this issue.

For maximum efficiency, we can serve as a single source to provide a complete, turn-key system of the interconnecting piping, ducts, fans, pumps and controls necessary to complete the system. More than 35 years of experience has shown us which parts work and which do not.  Our goal is to give you a low maintenance system that will meet or exceed all state and federal standards at the lowest reasonable cost.