Ducting Design and Fabrication

Increase Efficiency with Custom Duct Design

Proactive solutions today prevent problems down the road

When it comes to ductwork, lack of planning, sub-par manufacturing, improper installation and other hiccups can result in costly and dangerous problems.

Filter Technology can help you avoid these issues by providing a custom ducting solution. Our engineers are well-versed in the common problems that plague ducting jobs, and can work with your team to install efficient ducting lines for both new and existing systems.

Our engineers pride themselves in considering the abilities of the blower during the design phase, as well as the proper air speeds, static pressures, temperature and all other factors in order to reap the payoff of maximum efficiency once the system has been built.

Don’t let poorly planned ducting design hamper your system. Contact Filter Tech for a free consultation.

Custom 24” ductwork

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