Fiberbeds / Vapor Removal

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  • fiberbeds
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If your pollutant is in a vapor discharge, Filter Technology can capture it.

A fiberbed is a coalescing filter for use on vapor using a fiberglass mat. Different vapor discharges require different specifications for the frame used to hold the mat. 1. Depending upon the vapor chemistry and temperature, carbon steel, steel, stainless steel, PVC or Teflon can be used to create the most efficient frame.

For vapors that are sticky or tend to coagulate, release can be achieved by installing a drip ring on the top of the candle. We use a chemical or water to release it off the surface, depending upon the chemistry of the vapor.

Typical applications include:

  1. Roofing plants capturing the vapor off the coater line or laminate section
  2. Vapor off the battery plate framing line if the battery separator plate is polypropylene
  3. Chemical mixing that has a vapor reaction that releases when the chemicals react.
  4. Asphalt hot tank venting
  5. Creosote retort chambers at pole treating plants