Fiber Bed Filter Housing and Filters

A Durable Solution for High-Oil Environments

Fiber Bed Filters and Housings are usually used with airstreams with high amounts of oil, as pollutants found in vapor discharge are often best managed with a fiberbed solution. These customizable systems separate the air from the product while drawing oil from the filter with gravity and heat, and the housings are built to hold the filters while minimizing pressure loss. This is a coalescing filter system for application in tar, roofing and similar industries.

Filter Technology’s Fiber Bed Filters and Housings are manufactured to reflect the highest level of performance and durability.

  • Double layered filtration
  • Custom built filters work in tandem with Filter Tech Fiber Bed Housings
  • Wrapped with media and expanded metal for optimum performance

If you’re in need of filtration for a high-oil application, contact us today for a free consultation.

Filters can be rewrapped with new media, eliminating the need to purchase a new filter

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