Heat Exchangers

When Things Heat Up, You Need Filter Tech

Our air-to-air heat exchangers stand the test of time, every time

When discharges from furnaces or other high temperature systems are too extreme for normal filtration operations, an air-to-air heat exchanger will lower temperatures to an acceptable level. Installing an air-to-air heat exchanger will adjust the ACFM entering the filter inlet to a temperature within filtration tolerances.

Air-to-air heat exchangers:

  • Lower temperature media
  • Require a smaller filter due to reduced ACFM
  • Reduce your footprint and maintenance because of the smaller equipment size

We often set the heat exchanger on a common hopper with the filter saving the cost of another material handling point. The heat exchanger temperature is controlled with a temperature sensor and VFD on the cooling fan. This allows you to control the temperature + – 20° F or less.

For proper operation, our design incorporates a proprietary expansion joint at the cell plate where the tubes connect. The dirty air is directed through the tubes and the cooling air is directed around the tubes. The tube has an inset on the top to prevent wear at the tube inlet.

We have built and installed units from 700 to 270,000 CFM and incoming air temperatures of 700 to 1,800° F, 3,000 ACFM to 220,000 ACFM at discharge to filtration system.

Filter Tech has been designing, manufacturing and installing air-to-air heat exchangers since 1991, and our first installation is still in service today. Contact us today and learn how our team of trusted, experienced engineers can provide you with a heat exchanger solution that stands the test of time.

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