Heat Exchangers

When Things Heat Up, You Need Filter Tech

Our air-to-air heat exchangers stand the test of time, every time

When discharges from furnaces or other high temperature systems are too extreme for normal filtration operations, an air-to-air heat exchanger will lower temperatures to an acceptable level. Installing an air-to-air heat exchanger will adjust the ACFM entering the filter inlet to a temperature within filtration tolerances.

Air-to-air heat exchangers:

  • Lower temperature media
  • Require a smaller filter due to reduced ACFM
  • Reduce your footprint and maintenance because of the smaller equipment size

We often set the heat exchanger on a common hopper with the filter saving the cost of another material handling point. The heat exchanger temperature is controlled with a temperature sensor and VFD on the cooling fan. This allows you to control the temperature + – 20° F or less.

For proper operation, our design incorporates a proprietary expansion joint at the cell plate where the tubes connect. The dirty air is directed through the tubes and the cooling air is directed around the tubes. The tube has an inset on the top to prevent wear at the tube inlet.

We have built and installed units from 700 to 270,000 CFM and incoming air temperatures of 700 to 1,800° F, 3,000 ACFM to 220,000 ACFM at discharge to filtration system.

Filter Tech has been designing, manufacturing and installing air-to-air heat exchangers since 1991, and our first installation is still in service today. Contact us today and learn how our team of trusted, experienced engineers can provide you with a heat exchanger solution that stands the test of time.

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Fiber Bed Filter Housing and Filters

A Durable Solution for High-Oil Environments

Fiber Bed Filters and Housings are usually used with airstreams with high amounts of oil, as pollutants found in vapor discharge are often best managed with a fiberbed solution. These customizable systems separate the air from the product while drawing oil from the filter with gravity and heat, and the housings are built to hold the filters while minimizing pressure loss. This is a coalescing filter system for application in tar, roofing and similar industries.

Filter Technology’s Fiber Bed Filters and Housings are manufactured to reflect the highest level of performance and durability.

  • Double layered filtration
  • Custom built filters work in tandem with Filter Tech Fiber Bed Housings
  • Wrapped with media and expanded metal for optimum performance

If you’re in need of filtration for a high-oil application, contact us today for a free consultation.

Filters can be rewrapped with new media, eliminating the need to purchase a new filter

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Carbon Absorption Beds

Built-Tough Housings for High-Oil Applications

Custom designed and built to stand the test of time

Carbon beds are used to remove vapor contaminates and impurities that can’t be removed in filter media, including odors .

Retention time in the bed is critical, and the typical differential pressure when clean is 7-8″. Differential pressure when dirty is 17-18” using a 4’ bed depth, which is most common for design purposes.  Typical velocity thru the bed is <100 feet/min. Filter Tech engineers are experts on the proper planning, manufacturing, and installation of Carbon Bed Filters for all relevant applications.

If you’re in need of vapor or odor filtration and think a carbon bed solution might be right for your application, contact Filter Technology today.

Stainless Steel Carbon Absorption Bed

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High-Temperature Filtration


Filter Technology is an industry leader in high-temperature applications, a niche developed over a thirty-plus year period. Our team of high-temp specialists have only continued to grow and innovate in this space, and aren’t afraid to take on high-temperature applications. We have built and installed several systems that combine an air-to-air heat exchanger with the filter system, reducing the size of the filter and increasing efficiency.

By using media designed to handle high temperatures, or by installing coolers, heat exchangers, cyclones or a custom combination, we can bring operating heat to the proper levels for successful and efficient collection.


Filter Tech currently has more than 25 heat exchangers in service. 15 units of this particular application have a furnace exit temperature at 1,600° F. We have also designed filter systems to run at 20% moisture/dry, and can build these units for use with compressed 90 PSI air, or blower air at 18 to 20 PSI.

View some of our work in action.

If you have a high-temperature application, contact Filter Technology today and speak with a high-temp filtration expert.

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Dust Collection Consulting


Our team is your secret weapon

Looking to maximize efficiency, or troubleshoot issues with your current dust collection system? Filter Technology can provide an experienced and professional representative to evaluate existing dust collection systems.

After a thorough on-site examination of your equipment, our engineers provide you with a detailed report containing our findings. We’ll also outline any changes and improvements you could implement that would benefit your process. Stay compliant and ensure the long life of your system with help from Filter Tech.

Contact us to schedule your free evaluation.

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Ducting Design and Fabrication

Increase Efficiency with Custom Duct Design

Proactive solutions today prevent problems down the road

When it comes to ductwork, lack of planning, sub-par manufacturing, improper installation and other hiccups can result in costly and dangerous problems.

Filter Technology can help you avoid these issues by providing a custom ducting solution. Our engineers are well-versed in the common problems that plague ducting jobs, and can work with your team to install efficient ducting lines for both new and existing systems.

Our engineers pride themselves in considering the abilities of the blower during the design phase, as well as the proper air speeds, static pressures, temperature and all other factors in order to reap the payoff of maximum efficiency once the system has been built.

Don’t let poorly planned ducting design hamper your system. Contact Filter Tech for a free consultation.

Custom 24” ductwork

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Cyclone Dust Collectors

Minimal Maintenance, High Efficiency

Manage emissions and increase performance

Dust is the enemy of facilities. It can damage equipment, leading to costly shutdowns, accidents, regulation violations and a host of other issues.

Filter Technology offers a high-efficiency cyclone that will separate particulate down to 25 microns. This application can be used as a maintenance-free pre-separator to a Baghouse to bring moisture, temperature and grain loading to a manageable level for your secondary collector, or it can be used alone given the proper application.

Cyclone Dust Collectors are a beneficial addition to many systems, requiring minimal maintenance while maintaining high efficiency.

Not sure what type of filtration you need? Our team of experienced applications engineers can help. Contact Filter Tech today.

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Multiclone Dust Collectors

More Cyclones = Fewer Particles

Multiclone design means maximum emission reduction

Keep dust under control and emissions in check with a Filter Technology Multiclone Dust Collector (MDC).

MDCs effectively remove moisture and large particulate from the air, and are capable of filtering down to a smaller micron size than a cyclone. Utilizing multiple high-efficiency cyclones working in a parallel arrangement, Multiclone Dust Collectors filter 99.98% of particulate down to 10 microns.

This application can be used as a secondary separator to a Cyclone Dust Collector, or used as the primary separator. These systems are typical on boilers and dryers, and can be a minimal maintenance solution for dust collection.

To learn how a Multiclone Dust Collection system can increase filtration efficiency and reduce load on downstream equipment for your facility, contact Filter Tech to speak with a dust collection specialist today.

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Bin Vent Dust Collectors

Bin Vent Dust Collectors can be used in a variety of applications and industries, providing high efficiency with low energy requirements.

Filter 99.98% of particulate down to 1 micron in product storage bins. Bin Vent Dust Collectors utilize a blower of compressed air system to pulse air down the filters to clean and extend filter life. Filters can be standard socks or cartridge style depending on the application. Filter Tech manufactures Bin Vents based on the needs of each customer. We take into consideration how the bin is filled, where it is located, and how large the bin is in order to provide you with the perfect piece of equipment for your needs.

To keep your Bin Vent Dust Collector working at optimal performance, regular filter changes and differential pressure readings should be scheduled. Filter Tech engineers can work with you to create an effective maintenance schedule, and will troubleshoot any issues that arise.

Benefits of Bin Vents

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • High efficiency performance, removing 99.98% of entrained particles
  • Low energy requirements
  • Minimal maintenance – no moving parts inside the collector
  • Time-saving maintenance – pulsing system can be inspected without shutting down the collector

Find out if a Bin Vent collector is right for your application by scheduling a free consult.

Model 25-12 TRLOD

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Baghouse Dust Collectors

Unmatched Versatility and Reliability

A variety of styles and models to suit any application

Baghouses are the most common filtration system in most applications, and for good reason: they offer high efficiency and a wide range of customization that works for several applications and industries.

Filter Technology specializes in Baghouse design and fabrication, offering many different models of Baghouses including Top Removal Lift Off Door (TRLOD), Top Removal Walk-in (TRWI) and Bottom Removal Walk-in (BRWI). Each style of Baghouse is utilized depending on the design constraints of each application. We offer cartridge filters and snap-band filter bags depending on the application data and consider which option will best suit the facility.

Especially effective in harsher applications or those with larger dust particles, Baghouse Dust Collectors can be custom-manufactured to fit your exact needs and specifications. Filter Technology engineers can recommend the ideal model and configuration.

At Filter Technology LTD, we stand behind our systems with a one-year warranty on all our Baghouse filters.

Filter Tech Baghouse Dust Collectors go above and beyond the competition:

  • Filter 99.98% of particulate down to 1 micron
  • Utilizes a blower or compressed air system, cleaning the filter and extending its life
  • Sock or cartridge-style filters are available
  • Optional explosion venting
  • Custom-designed to your unique needs

Our engineers can also provide guidance for vital maintenance procedures like filter changes and proper differential pressure readings to ensure efficiency and long life of your system. Contact us to see if a Baghouse Dust Collector is the right solution for your application.

Model 49-10 BRWI Baghouse

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